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What you need to know about Bali

Also known as “The Island of the Gods”, Bali has long been heralded for its breath-taking natural beauty and its rich, vibrant cultural traditions, so it is of little surprise that it ranks as Indonesia’s number one tourist destination. Home to 4 million residents, and frequently rated as a Top 10 tourist destination for travelers, it has become wildly popular in the last three decades for its high-octane surfing, glorious temples, and amazing sunsets.

By day, you can visit the many Balinese Hindu temples on the island or sip a civet-cat coffee on the black sand beaches. At night, you can haggle with the street vendors at the local market or cut loose in one of the many beach-front nightclubs to be found here.

Renowned for its artful festivals and ancient culture as well as for its year-round tropical weather, there are many reasons why so many people come here and never want to leave.

Types of Condos in Bali

Purchasing a condo in Bali is both easy and exciting, as there are so many different options to choose from. Spacious yet inexpensive 1 bedroom units can be purchased for as low as IDR 650,000,000 while upscale, multi-bedroom units can go for in excess of IDR 7,000,000,000.

Regardless of your budget, there’s a no shortage of selection, from the city comforts of Kuta to condos overlooking the ocean. Whether it’s a modest 40 square meter unit or a sprawling 600 square meter unit, all requirements and budgets are catered for.

Popular Areas in Bali

  • Denpasar- Definitely the most populated and action-filled area in Bali, Kuta is ideal for anyone who wants to have familiar creature comforts nearby. This is where the best shopping in Bali can be done, from local markets to high-end boutique shops. There is an abundance of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. All types of accommodation can be found here, regardless of budget.
  • Kuta- has long been the epicenter of Bali’s beach tourism, and there’s no end of activities here. Plenty of beaches and beach-friendly fun to be had, as well as fine dining, exquisite shopping and wild beach parties at night. Kuta has a bit of everything, including condos for sale. If you want to be in the center of the action, Kuta is a great place to look.
  • Seminyak- is the most popular spot in Bali for tourists, with its fine dining, 5-star hotels and a plethora of bars and clubs. It’s not quite as busy as Kuta, but it’s not sparse either. This is an ideal location for anyone that wishes to get away from the big city without missing the action. Properties in Seminyak are in abundance, and there are all types and sizes of condos available to fit all budget.
  • Canggu- Once a sleepy, surfer-friendly beach town, Canggu’s popularity has grown in recent years, with some projecting it may overtake Seminyak as Bali’s number one tourist destination. The beaches are beautiful, and the town has developed quite the reputation as a must go location for surfers. This town has the action of Seminyak and the beauty of Bali’s more sparsely-populated beaches.
  • Umalus- Is located close to Seminyak, and offers the proximity of a popular tourist spot without putting you in the middle of it. It offers some truly gorgeous rice fields (something Bali has come to be known for) and a lot less tourist traffic. Sleepier, without being too far off the beaten path.
  • Ubud- Is an hour’s drive from Seminyak into the mountains can be found in the region of Ubud and is considered a Balinese cultural hub. From the Sacred Monkey Forest to the rice paddies to the rich, spiritual culture of the Balinese, Ubud offers solace and a peace that is difficult to find on the coast. Housing options are not as abundant, but rest assured there are still many available, and they are well-suited to the buyer who wants to “get away from it all”.
  • Jimbaran- Conveniently located close to the airport, the seaside-town of Jimbaran has carved out a reputation for having the best seafood in Bali. Beyond that, it is an ideal spot for anyone looking to make Bali their “jumping-off point” for further traveling throughout the region.
  • Uluwatu- Surfers have long been flocking to Uluwatu, though you do not have to surf to enjoy what this spot has to offer. You can enjoy some of the most picturesque scenery and glorious natural beauty that Bali has to offer. It has a relaxed atmosphere and is perfect for nature-lovers and for those looking to relax.

Lifestyle Factors in Bali

Life in Bali will be considerably more affordable than living in the Western world. A three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant will cost approx. USD 12.00. The traditional dishes are quite healthy (and vegetarian-friendly too!). The local restaurants, warungs, have affordable
meals and tasty choices. Gasoline is only USD 0.61/liter and monthly utilities average out to roughly USD 60.00. It is hard to fathom that a place as beautiful as Bali could be so inexpensive, and yet the cost of living here is a fraction of what it is in places like Hawaii or The Bahamas.

Top 3 reasons to Invest in Bali

  1. Tourism - Bali has seen a huge increase in tourism in recent years. In 2016, Bali had an average of 26,632 tourists per day. In 2018, Bali welcomed over 5 million tourists. The increasing number of Western tourism means that the Bali property market will continue to grow as both investors and Holidaymakers look at purchasing or renting a condo.
  2. Affordability- One U.S. dollar is equivalent to roughly 13,000 Indonesian Rupiah, so Bali is a comparably affordable option when compared to the Western cost of living. A single person can live comfortably here on between USD 650 to 1700 a month. The minimum wage salary for a local in Bali is about $140 per month; those in high paying jobs bring home around $500 per month.
  3. ​​​​​​​Profit- 70% of buyers in Bali are Indonesian while 30% are foreigners, Tourists are sustaining a buy-to-let market and buyers require a special license to let out a property short term, gross rental yields range from 8% to 10%.