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What You Should Know About Bali

Bali is an Indonesia province popular for its iconic rice paddies, forested volcanic mountains, stunning beaches, luxurious villas, and great nightlife. Located in the Indian Ocean and is 95 miles wide, the Island of Bali offers humid, warm and tropical climate all year round with 2 main distinctive seasons: Rainy season and dry season.

The island of Bali has a total population of 4.3 million people and is fast becoming a global tourist hotspot with iconic locations such as Seminyak, Kuta, Ubud, Jimbaran and Canggu featuring well-developed properties.

Property Types in Bali

Bali offers a wide selection of property types for rent that caters to all budgets. For the cheapest option, it is possible to rent a room in a local family’s house. Laundry prices and meals can be negotiated with the family.

For a long-term option, renting a room in a hotel or penginapan (simple lodging) is far better and laundry and meals available for an extra fee. Typical western-style flats, known as Kos or Kost are rental rooms similar to a residential hotel or boarding house. They are usually small with private rooms sometimes provided or shared. Contracts can be monthly or yearly and payment is made at least one month in advance.

Local houses are also available for rent in Bali. A rental contract for this type of property is usually between 1 – 3 years. Large complexes such as condominiums and townhouses are also available. Accommodations may include such facilities as swimming pool, 24/7 security, community playgrounds, gyms, and recreation rooms.

However, the most common property for rent in the Island of Bali is luxurious villas, usually in beachfront locations. Rental contracts here can vary from a week to 3 years with service staff usually a part of the package. Costs for rented villas are quite high because of their luxurious and comfortable living and are promoted more than other rental options.

Popular Parts of Bali

  • Kuta was once a fishing village and is now a popular tourist destination. This area offers great nightlife with a party atmosphere; it has countless bars, restaurants, wide selection of hotels for every budget and the largest waterpark in all of Southeast Asia as well as being very popular for surfing.
  • Seminyak is the upmarket beach resort area of Bali and is best known for its fairly quiet and beautiful sunset beaches, it has luxurious 5-star resorts, world-class beach clubs, secluded villas, and high-end shopping. In addition, many of the top restaurants in Bali are to be found here.
  • Ubud is a traditional country town and is located in the cool mountains, just an hour's drive north of the airport, along Ubud's main street, are dozens of art studios, an excellent local craft market and galleries as this small town are rich in culture and history. You also have available 5-star retreats with some offering spas and world-class dining restaurants.
  • Legian is nestled between Kuta and Seminyak and offers a mix of these 2 popular beach resort areas. You can find cheap beachfront hotels here. Meanwhile, the main streets are lined with famous restaurants and bars that attract travelers and tourists.
  • Jimbaran Bay is perfect for a beautiful and romantic sunset. Most of the hotels are international chains and feature 5-star resorts.
  • Nusa Dua, on the other hand, is Bali’s most exclusive and high-class beachfront resort district, housing international 5-star resorts, and hotels.
  • Sanur is famous for being laidback with a slow pace of life. It has quiet beach resorts offering a relaxing coastal atmosphere, in contrast to the livelier Legian and Kuta region. Here you’ll find some of Bali’s legendary hotels perfect for the older generation and honeymooners.
  • Candidosa is located in East Bali and is a popular destination offering a quiet coastal escape away from crowds. It lacks sandy beaches, but it does offer blue sea panoramas and has numerous hotels from the hills to low-lying coastal areas. Other accommodations include 5-star resorts, apartments, and sea view bungalows. It has fine dining restaurants and a few cafes and bars as it offers a low-key nightlife scene. In addition, Candidasa is also a great starting point to explore the major temples, world-class dive sites, and ancient Balinese villages.
  • Denpasar is the capital city and the center of Bali's economy. There are museums and monuments from the Dutch colonial period, while temples will surprise you with their allure.

Standard of Living in Bali

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Bali attracts lots of tourists and has an ever-growing job market within the tourism industry. Most Balinese work as guides, in craft shops, hotels or as taxi drivers. The Island of Bali is known for its garment and clothing factories as well as coffee and cigarette factories.

A high percentage of Balinese earn a living by working in agriculture and growing crops such as beans, corn, cassava (a root vegetable), and rice.

Monthly living costs in Bali is between $650 to $1,700 per month for a single person, families, and couples sharing rental costs would save a bit more.

Top 3 Reasons to Rent in Bali

  1. Hundreds of property options— Bali, being a popular tourist hotspot, has a multitude of infrastructure projects and development, catering to various individuals. You will have different sized homes, villas, and apartments available for rent as well as properties of different types and amenities to suit every budget.
  2. Nightlife and Beaches — Bali is popular for its nightlife activities, particularly in the Kuta region. Also, its beautiful beaches attract tourists every year.
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